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Bridal jewelry & accessories

Pearl necklace & Wedding earringsBridal jewelry and accessories are the next step to completing your overall bridal look. While many women stop at the dress, many others choose to give their dress a little more umph for their big day! But, what if you aren’t sure what kind of accessories you should wear? Easy! With this list of must-have bridal jewelry and accessories you will have a complete bridal outfit yet.

Some of the things you may want to consider to polish your bridal look are:

• Veil
• Crown
• Tiara
• Hair clips
• Necklace
• Earrings
• Bracelet
• A bridal jacket or coat for winter weddings
• Wedding shawl
• Shoes!

While many of these items are optional, they are a great way to give your gown the additional sparkle that you are looking for, allowing you to complete the over-all look for your wedding. Fortunately, if you are working on a budget; you can find almost all of these items at a minimal cost at an online wedding retailer. Making bridal jewelry and accessories affordable on any budget.


Bridal veil

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