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Bridal shower games

Party games & Wedding favorsBridal showers (bachelorette party) are often times the responsibility of the maid of honor or the bride’s closest female family member. While this takes the pain of party planning away from the bride; it is a huge responsibility for the party planner. The responsibility of planning a bridal shower is often times a stressful one, because you want the bride to enjoy this wonderful time in her life.

While it is possible to throw an old-fashioned bridal shower, with dull out-dated games, what is the point? Instead, you should focus on the here and now; Catering to the bride’s personality when throwing a bridal shower.

For this reason alone, many bridal shower planners choose to include games in the mix. Allowing a fun time for all; including the bride herself. But, what kind of games should you have at a bridal shower? While it will depend on the bride’s personality there are many games to play. Some of which are:

• Hunk in a balloon
• Guess that lingerie
• Advice for the bride
• Piñata (full of ‘secret’ bridal goodies)
• How well do you know your bride?
• Famous star couples
• What’s in the bag?



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