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Pearl necklace & Wedding earringsNow that you have said yes to the biggest question you’ve ever been asked and have begun to plan the day your lives will merge; it is now time to consider what you, the bride will wear. Bridal wear may seem to be a simple dress; however it couldn’t be further from the truth. The dress itself is the base of your canvas; which can be worked over into a stunning vision. But, what is bride wear? Where do you begin?
First and foremost you will need to find the perfect canvas for your overall bridal look. Finding the perfect gown will help you to layer onto your look with fashion and style; allowing you to show the inner you on your special day.
Now that you have the gown (or dress), it is time to accessorize. This is an important part to assembling your overall bridal look for your big day. But, what are the accessories you will need? Simple! Follow the easy-to-read list of must-have accessories for your bridal wear below.

  • Veils : whether short or long, these are a major accessory to your wedding day
  • Jewelry: necklaces, a bracelet, and earrings. All wonderful jewelry pieces to add to your look.
  • Gloves: This one is optional but classic. They are an instant dose of elegance to any dress.
  • Shoes: Flip flops, sandals, or pumps; no need to walk down the aisle barefoot!
  • Tiaras or crowns: For the fairy princess in your heart, you can dress like a princess on your wedding day!

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