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Bridesmaid dresses

Formal gowns & A-line dressNow that you have chosen your wedding theme and your own wedding dress; it is time to consider the overall look and color of your bridesmaid dresses. While it is traditional for the bride to pay for a bridesmaid’s dress; if you have caring friends who understand your budget, it is possible to ask them to purchase their own bridesmaids dress.

The overall look of a bridesmaid dress should be the bride’s choice. Simply because it is meant to complement not only the wedding’s theme; but the bride’s dress itself. Making it important for a bridesmaid to honor the bride’s choice in what bridesmaid dress she has chosen.

If you are stumped on what kind of bridesmaid dress to chose some of this season’s top bridesmaid dress trends are:

• A-line dress shapes
• Two-tone colors
• Criss-cross sleeveless dresses
• Halter tops
• Shawls
• Floor-length gowns
• Platinum
• Pastel colors


Halter top dress

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