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Engagement proposal ideas

Pearl necklace & Wedding earringsAn engagement is one of the biggest steps in a man’s (or on some occasions a woman’s life). This of course can be a confusing or frustrating time for the person wishing to propose. For this reason; you may be searching for engagement proposal ideas. Fortunately, we have many for you to choose from, in the quest to help you perfect your marriage proposal.
Since there are many different proposal ideas around; we will stick to some of the basic tried-and-true methods of proposing.  Some of these methods are:

  • A Valentine’s day proposal.
  • Customize a package of M&M candies with “will you marry me”.
  • Propose from home over a home-cooked meal!
  • Recreate a special moment that the two of you shared.
  • Create a scrapbook with any items that you have saved throughout your relationship. At the end of the book write in “will you marry me”.
  • Send her on a scavenger hunt! At the end of the scavenger hunt, you will have yourself and the ring waiting for her!
  • Propose in public! This of course will depend on her overall personality.

All of which are simply ideas, but will take you a step in the right direction for that perfect proposal for you and the love of your life.



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