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Seasonal wedding ideas

Spring weddingThe most popular season for weddings is spring. There are a few drawbacks to having a tradition spring wedding. First it very difficult to find a good wedding location, and secondly it is more difficult to find a religious figure to preside over your wedding ceremony. However, there are also a lot of advantages of having your wedding in the spring. For example the weather is still mild, there are a lot of flowers that are available for your floral arrangements, and it is a great time of year for people to travel. If you are interested in having a spring wedding then your collection of seasonal wedding ideas need to take advantage of the positive elements of spring and try to plan around the drawbacks of this season. A Victorian Tea Garden is a great spring wedding theme.

A summer wedding is also a great option to consider, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests. The weather is great, people are willing to travel, you have a lot more wedding locations to choose from, it is easier to plan a summer outdoor wedding, and there are more flowers in season. The drawbacks to having a summer wedding include having to deal with tourists at the hotel you book for your reception, the weather can get too hot, during peak travel dates it may be difficult to get your out of state guests a flight. There are many seasonal wedding ideas that will work for a summer wedding. For example you can have a beach themed wedding, a Hawaiian themed wedding, or you can even have your wedding on a boat.

If you want to have an autumn or fall wedding you will run into a few more obstacles. Depending on the climate of your wedding location, you may run into more rain and dreary weather patterns then you would in the spring. However, if you plan around the typical weather pattern held by your wedding’s location then you can take advantage of the beautiful foliage colors of early fall, as well as the moderate temperature and sunny days. Also if you plan an early fall outdoor wedding you won’t have to spend as much money on floral arrangements, as you can just use the beautiful fall foliage that is provided by nature instead . If you are looking for seasonal wedding ideas for an indoor fall wedding then you may want to consider a wedding theme designed around the colors of fall, or a fall holiday like Halloween or Thanksgiving.

The final season for weddings is winter. Winter wedding have several advantages. First not many people have their weddings in the winter time so it will be easier to find someone to marry you and somewhere to get married. The drawbacks to getting married in winter are really why this season isn’t a big wedding season. The drawbacks include: bad weather, it is difficult to travel because of weather and the increased volume of holiday travelers, and most flowers are not in season during the winter months. Seasonal wedding ideas for a winter wedding include: Christmas theme, Kwanza theme, holiday color theme, winter color theme, ski theme, or New Year’s theme.

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