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Wedding announcements and invitations

Pearl necklace & Wedding earringsWedding announcements and invitations are an important step in keeping your guests informed about your special day. However, it is this step that has so many brides ready to pull their hair out at the beginning and end of their special day. Fortunately; there is no reason to get stressed over sending out your announcements and invitations! They have never been easier to make and send.
You can purchase pre-made wedding announcements and invitations online or choose to make them yourself. However, either way you should take a few things into consideration before sending them out. First and foremost: you should write a list of your guests and important people who should know about your engagement and the wedding that will be happening.
To make it easier to get out your wedding announcements and invitations there is a checklist to follow when putting them together.

  • Write a list of everyone who you would like to send your announcements and invitations to
  • Include full names on this list of all of the family members in the family
  • Include the address and telephone number for the household on your list
  • Count out your envelopes and announcements or invitations to the amount of people on your list
  • Get enough postage before-hand so you aren’t running back and forth!
  • Hand deliver those that you can to save on postage (this is optional of course)
  • Write any dates, names, and addresses out fully on the invitations and announcement
  • Add any last-minute decorations such as glitter hearts, photos, or pressed flowers
  • Seal all of your envelopes (either by using the old’fashioned lick method or the pull-tab sealable envelopes.)
  • Mail them off!


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