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Wedding essentials

Formal wearEvery stage of your wedding will require different wedding essentials. There are three main stages of your wedding. There are the pre-ceremony activities, the wedding ceremony, and the reception. For the events leading up to your wedding you will need wedding announcements and invitations, a photograph of the engaged couple, and bridal shower supplies. You will also need food, drinks, and favors for pre-wedding activities like the rehearsal dinner, greet-and-meets, the bachelor party, and the bachelorette party.

The wedding essentials that are needed for the actual wedding ceremony are modest compared to the items needed during the other stages of your wedding. The wedding essentials will vary based on the restrictions of your ceremony’s location, your religious affiliations, and your budget. However, most wedding ceremonies will need floral arrangements, modest wedding decorations, and a printed program for the wedding service.

The final phase of your wedding is the wedding reception. Here is where you will be spending most of your wedding budget. The basic wedding essentials that you will need at your wedding reception include a wedding guest book and pen, wedding decorations, floral arrangements, wedding favors, food, drink, and music. Other options items that can be useful during your wedding reception include limo service, valet parking attendants, a videographer, disposable cameras, bubbles, wedding candy, and other forms of entertainment.

In the end your wedding is not about the things that make up your wedding, but instead the people and love that surrounded you on that day. To avoid focusing too much on the material elements of your wedding try to take care of the material things well in advance of your wedding day so that you can focus more on the important things once the wedding is under way. To do this you can create a list of the wedding essentials that you will absolutely need to make your wedding perfect in your eyes. Then as you begin to shop for your wedding pick up these essential items first so that you know you have ready go, even if your wedding budget gets cut.

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