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Wedding invitation ettiquette

Formal invites & Bridal shower invitationsWhile you are faced with the seemingly never ending task of planning your wedding; the last step to this process is assembling your wedding invitations. But, with wedding invitations comes etiquette; which can be a confusing thing to many brides-to-be as this is usually an once-in-a-lifetime ordeal.

Fortunately, there are a few things to consider when assembling your wedding invitations; which will allow you to follow the proper etiquette of wedding invitations. Some of these rules-of-thumb are:

• Write the full names of the bridal party.

• It is appropriate to use both the British and American spellings of “honour (honor)” and “favour (favor).

• Spell out all words; do not use abbreviations on your wedding invitations as it can make your invitations look sloppy or rushed.

• If you or a family member has a sur-name such as the third you should spell this out in roman numerals to lessen the impact it has on your invitation.

• If you are holding your wedding in a place of worship, you should keep the invitation formal. However; if this is a more casual non-religious wedding you can be more casual with your wording in request of their presence.

The first step in wedding invitation etiquette is that you match it to your wedding’s formality. This will help to bring a cohesiveness of your theme to the invitations. Remember, at last you should provide your guests with either a number or address to RSVP.


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