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Wedding photography tips

Find a wedding photographer & Disposable wedding camerasWhether you are a friend, family member, or a new hired photographer to weddings; there are a few wedding photography tips and tricks that you should follow. While it is possible to jump in head first; you should remember that this isn’t your special day being captured!

First and foremost you should meet your couple and understand their personalities. Ask them if there are any particular shots that they may want you to take during their special day. This will ensure that you have a happy bride and groom after their wedding day is over and done.

Some tips and tricks to follow for wedding photography are:

• You should jot down a list of shots that the bride and groom have requested. This will help you to ensure that you get everyone in the wedding party captured on film.
• Get an assistant! They can help you to ensure that your shot list photographs run smoothly.
• Scout out your bride and groom’s wedding and reception locations. This should be done a minimum of two to three days before the wedding. Allowing you to know the environment and the possibilities for photos.
• Prepare yourself! Write down a list of anything and everything you may need IE: camera, film, SD cards, lighting etc.
• Show your clients your previous work. This will help them to make an informed decision.
• If you are invited into the ceremony, turn off your camera unless otherwise asked by the bride and groom!
• Snap photographs of the decorations, shoes, rings, dresses, table settings, invitations, and even the menus. These are all intricate pieces of the wedding that has been planned out to a “T”.
• Bring a minimum of two cameras and extra film or SD cards with you.
• Be non obtrusive to the party guests and the wedding party.
• Never delete any photos! This should be up to the bride and groom!


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