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Wedding toasts

Pearl necklace & Wedding earringsThe wedding toast, an honor that has been given to the best man for what would seem to be decades! This time honored tradition is one that many people would consider a must-have during any wedding reception.
But, what is a wedding toast exactly? It is an honorable speech given by the best man to the happy new couple. It often times combines rich humor with sentiment that can only be expressed by those closest to the bride and groom.
While you can hold the wedding toast at the wedding rehearsal, it is more customary for the wedding toasts to be held during the wedding reception in honor of the final deed of getting married!
If you are a best man looking through wedding toasts to pilfer from the internet, why not write your own? While it may be easier to steal that which is already written, it isn’t as heart-felt and appreciated as a wedding toast written from the heart of the best man!


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